By: John Snowberger
Son of Famed Indy 500 Great
"Russ Snowberger"

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Russ Snowberger's
Restored Cars

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These are Russ Snowberger cars John restored.

Russell Snowberger, Fourth Ranking American Racing Driver in 1931
Has selected this Hupmobile Eight Comet as his mount for 1932.

John and John Jr. at the Yard of Bricks (Start/Finish Line) 2009

1955 Federal Engineering Speical
Freddie Agabashian and crew.
Chief Mechanic Russ Snowberger leaning down
congratulating his driver on 2nd Fastest time of the 33 car field.

1955 Federal Engineering Special
Kurtis Kraft 500 - C Model
Russ Snowberger - Chief Mechanic Fred Agabasian - Driver

Qualified 2nd fastest - started in 4th spot because of qualifing on the second day of time trials.

  • Started next to Bill Vukovich
  • Fred Spun out on lap 32
  • Vukovich killed on lap 56.

John's Completed Restoration in 2006

1952 - 1958 Federal Engineering Special #5
Chief Mechanic Russ Snowberger campaigned The Kurtis Kraft 4000 in Two Indy 500's and 54 AAA-USAC Races including the Pikes Peak Hill Climb setting fast time in 1954.

Russ sold the car in 1959 to a local dirt racer. The car was cut down and modified.

John bought it 30 years later and restored it back just as it was when Russ last ran it.

John Snowberger at Indianapolis in 2000
John getting ready to take some laps at Indy in 2000

John Snowberger
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