By: John Snowberger
Son of Famed Indy 500 Great
"Russ Snowberger"

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Russ Snowberger's
Restored Cars

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Specializing in Indianapolis 500 Cars of Earlier Times
As seen on display at the Indianapolis Speedway Hall of Fame/Museum

First Winner of the
Indianapolis 500 Mile Race

1911 - 2011
The 100th Anniversary
Speical Limited Edition
Series of Only 11
1/8th Scale - 24" Long
Priced at $3950 Each

Detailed Features in 1/8 Scale

  • Completely hand formed aluminum body from .063-3003 11-14 sheet
  • Complete hand formed steel channel frame
  • Tapered steel leaf springs and shackles
  • Friction shocks front and rear
  • Engine hand crank
  • Brake and gear levers
  • Rear-view mirror assembly
  • Hood strap
  • Fuel tank straps
  • Winged fuel caps for both tanks
  • Winged radiator cap
  • Platform tail fin number
  • Intake ports on hood
  • Aluminum seat with leather upholstery
  • Simulated wood four spoke steering wheel
  • Firestone style front and rear tires
  • Disc wheels with lock lugs and hubs
  • Marmon yellow in base coat - clear coat urethane finish


Height: 7 3/4" Length: 24" Width: 9"

Handcrafted by John Snowberger, son of famed Indy great Russ Snowberger.
P.O. Box 94
Fraser, MI 48026
(586) 978-1143
For 2011 we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first Indianapolis 500 mile race. Driver Ray Harroun crossed the finish line first driving the Marmon Wasp to victory. A modified Marmon 32 passenger car had been nick-named the "Wasp" because of its yellow and black paint along with its distinctive pointed tail.

Harroun was the only solo drive of the forty car field, all other's had riding mechanics. Harroun has an idea to concoct a mirror above the cowl to see what was going on around him. Replacing the extra weight of a riding mechanic and saving fuel in the long race. Officials gave Harroun the okay to use the mirror, thus the rear veiw mirror was born.

A lot has changed in auto racing since Harrouns near seven hour grueling win at an average speed of 74.602 mph. One thing has remained the same, the Marmon Wasp is the crown jewel of the Indianpolis Motor Speedway Collection. No other race car has or ever will equal this historic icon. Even the United States Post Office is commemorating a special postage stam this year with the Marmon Wasp.

As a tribute, John Snowberger is hand-crafting only (11) 1/8 scale models of the Marmon Wasp. (The number 11 selected for 1911 - 2011)

To hand-crafte each model with accuracy, John is using prints of the Marmon Wasp done by Bob Clidinst who had complete access to the car at IMS spending countless hours on the project to assure its preciseness.

Each car will be numbered and autographed by John Snowberger. An absolute museum piece, this is a once in a lifetime offeer on a first come basis. Make the Marmon Wasp the crown jewel of your collection!

Each Model

Each car is priced individually. Call for pricing. A deposit of $500 is required to reserve your order. Upon receipt of deposit, an estimated build date and serial number will be issued. When your car is completed, the balance due is to be paid in full prior to shipment. Make checks payable to John Snowberger. Mail order with check or money order to:
John Snowberger
P.O. Box 94
Fraser, MI 48026
(Michigan residents add 6% sales tax.)

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