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The 1958 Sumar Special

Chapman Root and co-owner Don Smith of Terre Haute Indiana used their wives first names (Sue and Mary) to come up with the name "Sumar." Their driver was the very popular Pat O'Conner who in 1957 won the coveted pole position for the Indianapolis 500. For 1958 O'Conner was once again back in the same Sumar Special out to win the 500. Unfortunately, one of the biggest wrecks in speedway history occurred before the opening first lap was completed, claiming the life of Pat O'Conner.

The 1950's era at Indianapolis had some very unique race car styling. The Sumar Special, a Kurtis Kraft G-2 series looked like it was running a 100 mph just sitting still. The body was so low slung that the hood had to be domed to accommodate the 255 offy engine. A special cockpit protection panel was installed to keep O'Conner's arm away from the right rear tire.

Only an ill fated destiny kept this masterpiece and its driver from realizing its full potential.

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